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Kickoff 2014 with a Good Workshop!


Happy New Year from Good Work Group!

Looking to start 2014 with more than just good intentions? Get in touch with us to learn how our Good Workshop can help you develop your brand and engagement strategy for 2014 and beyond! 

At Good Work Group, we believe good ideas deserve a strong identity. That’s why we work with mission-driven businesses and organizations to create authentic relationships and brand experiences that build advocates.

We know “branding” goes beyond a web page and a simple slogan. For us and our purpose-driven clients, it’s about creating connections, inspiring community, driving action, and empowering change. 

How will you make an impact in 2014? 

Our Good Workshop helps entrepreneurs, social innovators, businesses, and organizations further develop their vision, explore new ideas and opportunities for growth, and create clear strategies for branding and marketing in 2014. 

At a Good Workshop, we will conduct a series of interviews and an extensive brand analysis. Then, we will work with you to create a longterm strategy for achieving your goals that includes creative ideas and action plans for:

  • Identity and branding 
  • Storytelling
  • Content strategy
  • Design and digital engagement 
  • Public relations and outreach
  • Community engagement/social media strategy  
  • Events and networking 
  • Cause campaign opportunities 

Want to partner with us beyond the Good Workshop? Great! We’d love to partner with you, too. We specialize in brand identity, authentic storytelling, thoughtful design, and community engagement. And we can work with you to achieve your marketing goals every step of the way, from discovery to strategy, to planning and implementation, to building new audiences and success stories. 

Want to work with us on a single outreach campaign or messaging strategy? Great! We also work with clients to build holistic marketing campaigns that inspire action. 

We believe communities are at their best when good businesses and creative ideas thrive. That’s why we’re committed to helping our clients tell their unique story, reach new audiences, and make a long-lasting, positive impact. 

Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you and your business or organization start building your legacy. 

Happy 2014 from Molly and Karen!  


Our clients are in the business of good

Check out some of our featured clients and the work they are doing to make our communities an even better place to live.

Cedar Summit Farm

Eureka Recycling

Sunrise Banks

Fare Grange Law

Honeybee Mobile Market

Children’s Cancer Research Fund

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Nominate a local innovator!


Good Work Group is working on a storytelling campaign that will highlight at least 12 Twin Cities innovators in the areas of sustainability, food, arts, community engagement, and social good. 

Do you know someone who is changing the way we think or live? Someone who is thinking about the long-term health of our our neighborhoods, communities, and planet, and working to create unique solutions?

We want to hear about change-makers who are making a difference in the way we think and live in the Twin Cities. From farmers to scientists to business leaders to public artists to idea pollinators and networkers, we want to hear about the Twin Cities innovators making an impact and making our communities a better place to live.

Contact Molly Priesmeyer at Good Work Group to nominate an innovator today! We’d love to hear from you. 

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Join us for Dinner on the Farm

This Sunday, August 18, Dinner on the Farm  is hosting another fantastic local food celebration, and this time it’s Underground Dinner Party meets Farm Dinner at Garden Farme in Ramsey. 

Want to join in on this end-of-summer food event? We’d love to see you! Subscribe to our newsletter for your chance to win two tickets and to stay updated on events, Good Ideas, Good Businesses, and more! Simply click “subscribe” at the bottom of our web site. We’ll be giving away tickets soon! 

More about the August 18 event from Dinner on the Farm:


Jim McIntosh from the Grand Cafe will be grilling up a feast harvested from Garden Farme and other local producers. Indeed Brewing will serve their delicious craft brews while Jack Klatt strums some tunes. End the summer evening with treats from Petite Sweets Pastries and a bonfire. Buy some heirloom garlic, herbs and honey to bring back to the city with you or camp overnight under the stars.


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Join us for Dinner on the Farm!

Dear friends of Good Work Group,

Happy summer!

We hope your tomatoes vines are smiling at these warmer days!

Here at Good Work Group, we’ve had an exciting summer so far, growing and supporting our network of inspiring business leaders, idea makers, “do gooders,” and social entrepreneurs. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the most exciting mission-driven businesses and organizations in the Twin Cities, helping them to inspire change and create community through strategy, storytelling, and engagement. 

We feel incredibly fortunate to be working with so many people in the business of good.

And we want to share the bounty with you by inviting two lucky folks to join us on Sunday, July 21, for a fantastic feast with our friends and clients Cedar Summit Farm

This special Dinner on the Farm series starts at 5pm in New Prague, Minn. You bring a blanket and tableware, and Cedar Summit Farm and award-winning local chefs provide the rest!

On Monday, July 15, we will pick a random winner to win two (2) tickets to the July 21 dinner, created by chefs Christopher and Malcolm from the Red Stag Supper Club and featuring beer from Mankato Brewery and live music by Jack Klatt and the Cat Singers. 

Simply respond “Dinner!” our our FB, Twitter, or Tumblr by July 15 for your chance to enter—a $130 value!

We thank you for your support of Good Work Group and mission-driven businesses in the Twin Cities and beyond.

And we hope to see you on the farm and around town this summer!


Molly Priesmeyer
Good Work Group

About Good Work Group

Good Work Group is a brand strategy and storytelling agency dedicated to helping mission-driven businesses succeed. We specialize in authentic storytelling; brand and content strategy; thoughtful design; social-media engagement; and public relations and outreach. We work to make good businesses even better. 

Our clients are in the business of good

Check out some of our featured clients and the work they are doing to make our communities an even better place to live.

Cedar Summit Farm

Eureka Recycling

Sunrise Banks

Fare Grange Law

Honeybee Mobile Market

Children’s Cancer Research Fund

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Victory Farm! Celebrate sustainable farming on June 22

Join Cedar Summit Farm for Milkapalooza on Saturday, June 22

Visit the fourth-generation farm for a family-friendly event celebrating sustainable farming, 100% grass-fed milk, and a recent victory for all small Minnesota farmers

New Prague, Minn. (May 28, 2013)— Everyone at Cedar Summit Farm is smiling, including the cows. And for good reason—the happy herd at Cedar Summit Farm is grazing on new pastures, eating organic perennial grasses like bromegrass, fescue, and timothy. And a recent victory with the passage of the “Buy the Farm” bill means small Minnesota farms now have more rights, thanks to overwhelming support from the Minnesota community. 

Cedar Summit Farm and the Minar family invite you to celebrate at their annual Milkapalooza event, on Saturday, June 22, from 10am to 3pm, at Cedar Summit Farm in New Prague, Minn. The event is free and open to the public. 

Get to know your cow. Enjoy hayrides. Take pasture walks with grass farmers and a representative from the Audubon Society. Tour the farm, the milking parlor, and the dairy. Learn from experts about organic certification. And see firsthand what makes Cedar Summit Farm so unique as Minnesota’s only 100% grass-fed dairy.

“We hope that this year is bigger and better than ever before,” says Ryan Crum, Cedar Summit Farm marketing manager. “We hope to create some open dialogue for farmers and consumers to learn more about what we do, how we do it, why we do it, and how they can join in.”

Along with learning about the unique work that goes into maintaining Minnesota’s only 100% grass-fed dairy, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about ongoing sustainability efforts in Minnesota from a host of experts. Representatives from The Land Stewardship ProjectRight to Know MinnesotaCornucopia InstituteLocal Harvest Alliance, and more will be on hand to answer questions about everything from starting an organic farm to getting a law passed to make labeling GMO foods the law in Minnesota.

The family-friendly event will also include music from Broken V and friends; storytelling from children’s author Gordon Fredrickson; caricature drawings; a petting zoo; and a special “cow crawl.”

“Our cow crawl is a great interactive demo experience for kids to learn about our food system, specifically grass-fed dairy, and where our food comes from,” Crum says. “They will learn about the process that it takes to convert sun to grass to milk and the resulting compost. We feel that it is very important to teach children that food doesn’t come from a supermarket, but yet living, breathing, pasture-raised animals.”

Milkapalooza is Saturday, June 22, 2013, from 10am to 3pm, at Cedar Summit Farm; 25830 Drexel Avenue; New Prague, Minnesota. 

This free event is open to the public. Lunch will be available for purchase, featuring Cedar Summit Farm 100% grass-fed hamburgers and hot dogs. Vegetarian meals will also be available for purchase. 

Images attached: Cedar Summit Farm cows; farmer Dave and Florence Minar 

About Cedar Summit Farm 

Cedar Summit Farm is Minnesota’s only 100% grass-fed creamery. For more than four generations, the certified-organic family farm has been dedicated to preserving the health, environment, and economy of its local community. 

Cedar Summit Farm produces 100% grass-fed non-homogenized milk, cream, half & half, and drinkable cream-top yogurt products, in plain, vanilla, and raspberry. Cedar Summit Farm’s high-quality products can be found in more than 75 locations, including co-ops, grocery stores, and restaurants throughout the Twin Cities. 

All Cedar Summit Farm products are packaged and processed on the farm with the help of dedicated employees and members of the Minar family. Together, they’re helping to preserve Cedar Summit Farm for the fifth generation! 

For more information about Cedar Summit Farm and its commitment to health and the environment, go to

To learn more about 100% grass-fed farming, check out farmer Dave Minar’s blog.

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Good Work Group clients making good news


Our Twin Cities clients are making big news lately, helping to tell the stories of mission-driven businesses and organizations making a real, positive impact.

Check out the latest news! 

Honeybee Mobile Market 

The first-ever mobile farmers market in the Twin Cities is about to launch, thanks to a passionate local foods community. Check out what the press is saying about Honeybee Mobile Market's mission to make local food more accessible to everyone. 

MPR: The farmer’s market on wheels

Minnesota Monthly: Honeybee Mobile Market—A farmers’ market on wheels

GOOD: This retrofitted trailer plans to be The Twin Cities’ first mobile farmer’s market 

Cedar Summit Farm

After a makeover, brand relaunch, and storytelling campaign, people are taking notice of Cedar Summit Farm, Minnesota’s only 100% grass-fed creamery. This local farm, dedicated to the health of the environment, community, and its cows, is helping to change how we think about eating and farming. 

The Wedge: What is 100% grass-fed dairy? 

Minnesota Monthly: Cedar Summit’s new half & half 

WCCO: Health expert says healthy fat is ‘awesome’

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Resolve to do good: Start with a Good Workshop


Here at Good Work Group, we’re incredibly rejuvenated by looking back at our success stories of 2012. As a full-service creative collaborative in the business of good, we spent last year helping an amazing group of clients make a real, positive social impact.

Through strategic planning, branding, design, storytelling, and PR and community outreach, we helped Cedar Summit Farm educate new audiences about the health and environmental benefits of 100% grass-fed dairy; we worked with Eureka Recycling to promote its plan to turn St. Paul waste-free by 2020; we worked with to increase community engagement in diverse Twin Cities neighborhoods; we worked with Children’s Cancer Research Fund to create a content strategy and tell the stories of cancer research pioneers at the University of Minnesota; we helped Sunrise Community Banks promote its socially responsible banking products; and we worked with Artsits in Storefronts and Harvest Moon Backyard Farmers on logo, messaging, branding, design, and more to help each generate awareness and make a long-lasting impact in the neighborhoods they serve. 

Indeed it was a very good year for Good Work Group and our amazing clients. We are thrilled to be working with people making a real difference in our communities and beyond. 

But we know that setting good intentions and plans for success can be difficult when you haven’t paved the way. 

That’s why we’re once again offering our Good Workshop to innovative small businesses, organizations, and individuals who are making a difference and changing the way we live.

A Good Workshop can help entrepreneurs, innovators, and businesses explore new ideas for growth and develop clear strategies and action plans for achieving it.

At a Good Workshop, we will spend a day with you and your business conducting a series of interviews and an extensive brand analysis. We will then create a long-term strategy for achieving your goals that includes creative ideas and action plans for:

  • Identity and branding 
  • Storytelling
  • Content strategy
  • Public relations and outreach
  • Community engagement 
  • Events and networking 
  • Marketing and cause campaign opportunities
We believe communities are at their best when good businesses and creative ideas thrive. That’s why we want to help you succeed! Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you reach your audience and make a long-lasting, positive impact. 

Happy 2013! Here’s to a year of good work! 

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Farm feast: A true pioneer Thanksgiving

We love this story so much. A couple of years ago, our friends over at Cedar Summit Farm  prepared a Thanksgiving meal without a single store-bought ingredient. (Save for the salt. But if we had an ocean nearby, they’d mine it for its flavor.)

Homemade butter. Hand-harvested mushrooms. Wine made from their own grapes. Syrup harvested from tress in the yard. Hand-ground wheat for the popovers. And, of course, 100% grass-fed cream from Cedar Summit. The Minars grew or hunted every ingredient, except the sea salt. 

Check out this great story from the PiPress from 2010, featuring the menu of made-from-scratch items by the Minar family. 


There won’t be any canned yams on the table when a New Prague family gathers for their self-sufficient meal. 

November 24, 2010 

Author: Chris Niskanen Outdoors editor

Imagine having 32 people for Thanksgiving and preparing a meal without a single store-bought ingredient except salt.

Wheat for the bread? You grew and ground it yourself.

Butter for the pies? You churned it by hand.

The wild turkey? You killed and cleaned it.

Such a Thanksgiving feast is being prepared today and Thursday in the kitchen of Florence and Dave Minar, who own an organic dairy in New Prague, Minn., and whose family members and friends are hunters, gardeners and gatherers.

Their idea, conceived a year ago, was for everyone coming to Thanksgiving to bring a food they grew, killed or foraged.

Everything had to be handmade, right down to the rhubarb wine and the boxelder tree syrup, a sweetener like maple syrup.

In other words, no marshmallow and mandarin orange salad. And no chocolate pie.

"Part of it was to prove it was possible, to show that we haven’t gotten to the point where we can’t take! care of ourselves," said Florence, 69.

"It’s like going back to the pioneer days," said Dave, 70. "You’re doing things like it used to be done. This will be a one-of-a-kind meal."

Read more …