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Start 2012 with a Good Workshop

Here at Good Work Group, we like to start off the New Year thinking about opportunities and growth, both personal and business.

For example: We’ve dusted off our snow shoes and polished our boots in hopes we’ll spur the snow gods to shake the frozen dust from their feathers and give us a good reason to explore the local parks. (Fingers and snow shoes crossed!)

We’re also incredibly excited to announce our new Good Workshops, launching in January. We believe this is a wonderful opportunity to help small businesses and organizations in the Twin Cities explore new ideas and strategies for growth.

At a Good Workshop, we will spend a day with you and your business helping you better understand opportunities for:

  • Identity 
  • Storytelling
  • Social engagement
  • Public relations
  • Online marketing 
  • Community outreach and participation

One of the hardest things for a business and organization to do is to distill its mission and goals into a clear story that generates action. 

After a series of interviews and an extensive brand analysis, we will leave you with with a clear set of goals for improving your messaging and brand, including strategies and action plans.

Get in touch with Molly or Karen today to set up your Good Workshop and start 2012 on a Good track! 

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