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Co-working for Good: We get new digs!

We’re excited about lots of new changes in 2012: We’re working on a new web site for Good Work Group; starting our Good Workshops for small businesses and organizations; meeting with fantastic new clients about proposals and ideas for content strategy, social engagement, and outreach; and planning days filled with co-working at new collaborative creative spaces with some of our favorite people in the Twin Cities. 

For starters, one day a week we’ll be at CoCo Minneapolis in the Grain Exchange. There, our “co-workers” will include a number of tech companies, start-ups, and creative entrepreneurs, as well as our friends in the Citizens League

We’re also going to be co-officing with our friends at Works Progress, in the Roberts Shoes building on Lake and Chicago. This Twin Cities creative collaborative is led by artists Shanai Matteson and Colin Kloecker, who are responsible for some of the most innovative and exciting programs and events around, including Give and TakeSolutions Twin Cities; and Salon Saloon

I wrote about Kloecker and Matteson for The Line Media in 2010 and had this to say about them:

They connect people and ideas like puzzle pieces. They’re like masterful city planners, if a city were built on human links instead of crumbled highways. And they turn fostering new connections, building community, and promoting future-forward ideas into an art form. 

Since Good Work Group is also about fostering new connections, telling the stories that matter, connecting Good organizations and businesses to their audience, and helping to support creativity and “good” in the Twin Cities, we’re incredibly excited to share work and brain space with Twin Cities innovators who are leading the charge.

Come by CoCo Minneapolis on Mondays or Tuesdays to say “hello!” And look for creative Friday happy hours to start happening at the Works Progress space soon. 

Happy New Year! 

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